4 Common Causes of Summertime Injury

Here in the Northeast, we’re all more active in the hot summer months. With vacations planned and kids out of school, we’re listing the most common causes of injuries so you won’t miss out on any fun this summer.

Swimming Injuries

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape with less stress on your joints, but pool related injuries are all too common in the summer. Slipping on wet pool decks, unsupervised diving, and similar incidents can lead to serious medical consequences. Check out our Pool Safety blog post for details on how to stay safe.

Bicycle Injuries

From kids to adults, more and more bicycle riders are out on the roads once the weather warms up. As a rider it’s imperative to stay alert, keep your bike in shape and wear your helmet. We have all the tips in our Cycling Safety blog post.

Sport-related Injuries

With ideal weather for outdoor sports, like tennis and golf, there comes in increase in related injuries. In addition to sudden injuries like muscle strains or sprains, symptoms from conditions like tennis/golf elbow and osteoarthrtitis may get worse with increased activity. It’s important not to let these signs of injury linger so you have more options for treatment.

Home Maintenance-related Injuries

Spring and summer house maintenance can be rewarding, but could also come with some risks. Traumatic injuries from lawnmowers and other power tools are all too common during the warmer months, as are falls from ladders. Read more on ladder and gardening safety tips in our blog posts.

Just by being aware of these injury risks for summer will allow you to make better decisions as you partake in this active season. And as always, if you need us at NEOSM, our specialists are here to help you all season long.