Avoiding Fall-time Injuries

Schools in session and it’s that time of year where the air is changing to a crisp autumn wind. With the come of Fall, comes the increase in season-related injuries. Here is our advice to minimize your risk and keep you safe.

Home Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning

If you decide to take on cleaning your gutters, be sure to apply good ladder safety and avoid doing so during wet weather. Best is to hire a professional.

Leaf Clean-up

Find the tools that fit your body. The right height on a rake will ease stress on your back. And as with any physical activity, warming up your body beforehand can prevent injury.


Preparing your yard for the winter months includes use of powertools like hedge-clippers and lawnmowers. Be sure to abide by product safety guidelines, keep tools out of reach of minors and use protective gear like steel-shoe shoes and glasses.

Winter Prep

Prevent injuries for the next season by checking walkways for cracks where water can pool, creating ice hazards in winter. Also, make sure to place driveway markers to mark a path when edges are covered in snow.


With more comfortable weather here and school sports underway, there are more instances of sport-related injuries. Follow these guidelines to prevent injuries:

  • See a physician for a physical
  • Warm up prior to activity
  • Stay hydrated before, during and after
  • Inspect equipment (ie. shin guards, pads, etc.)
  • Invest in proper footwear
  • Stretch your body after activity
  • Don’t push through pain, consult a doctor

With these precautions, you can enjoy all that this Fall season has to offer. If you need us, the specialists at Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are here to keep you going.