New York magazine: Top Doctors 2023

Congratulations to the following NEOSM physicians listed by New York magazine as 2023 Top Doctors! We’re #NEOSMproud to have you on our team!

Hand Surgery

Alan Gotesman, MD
Doron Ilan, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

William Davis Jr, MD
Barry Kraushaar, MD
Mark Medici, MD
Patrick Murray, MD
Steven Renzoni, MD
Richard Semble, MD
Jordan Simon, MD
Andrew M. Somberg, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Michael Robinson, MD


Shivani Purohit Mehta, MD

Sports Medicine

Richard Popowitz, MD

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New York magazine selections are based on the Castle Connolly annual “Top Doctors” guidebook. For over 25 years, Castle Connolly has been trusted source of merit-based, peer-reviewed rankings. For more information on their methodology, visit

All about Achilles

You’ve heard people reference ‘Achilles’ when referring to someone’s weak spot. It comes from the Greek mythology stories of the hero of the Trojan War, Achilles, whose body was invincible except for the back of his heel, where he was most vulnerable. A nod to the legends, the tendon connecting the heel to the calf has been named after this figure, but the tendon itself is stronger than you’d think.

Function of the Achilles Tendon

The largest and strongest tendon of the body, the Achilles tendon (also called the calcaneal tendon) facilitates walking by anchoring the calf muscle to the heel bone, allowing the heel to lift. Activities like running and jumping require the functions of the Achilles which withstands a great amount stress and movement. It is a true workhorse of the human body.

Achilles Issues & Treatment

Because of the importance of the Achilles tendon in every day movement, any issues can be debilitating. Some common syndromes of the Achilles and treatment are:


Caused mostly from overuse, tendonitis of the Achilles with present itself with pain in the back of the heel, especially when walking, and swelling or tenderness in the area. Essential in overuse, stress of the tendon causes small tears. Other causes include arthritis, obesity, wearing footwear without proper support, or foot issues, like flat feet. 

Treatment for tendonitis of the Achilles include rest to allow the small tears to heal along with ice therapy. Depending on the severity, anti-inflammatories may be prescribed and perhaps physical therapy. It’s most important to be patient with recovery and follow your doctor’s orders to avoid regression.


When the fibers of the Achilles tendon are separated, it is considered a tear or rupture, a serious condition as the tendon can no longer function as normal. How can you test if the tendon is torn? There is a simple test called the Thompson test. Laying face-down on a bed with feet extended past the edge, have someone squeeze the calf muscle. Doing so should cause the foot to point down (away from the head). If there is a tear, the foot will not move.

Tear of the Achilles

Depending on the severity, treatment for a ruptured tendon would be similar to that of tendonitis, rest and ice, and likely a boot to immobilize the foot. In many cases, surgery would be deemed necessary in order to repair the tear, followed by physical therapy to strengthen the leg muscles to support the tendon. Full recovery is about four to six months.

As stated before, the Achilles tendon is an MVP of the human body and any injury can be painful and frustrating. The orthopedic specialists at NEOSM are here to care for you and help you keep living life to the fullest. Reach out if you need us!

New York magazine: Top Doctors 2022

Congratulations to the NEOSM physicians listed as 2022 Top Doctors in New York magazine!

Hand Surgery

Alan Gotesman, MD
Doron Ilan, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

William Davis Jr, MD
Barry Kraushaar, MD
Mark Medici, MD
Patrick Murray, MD
Steven Renzoni, MD
Richard Semble, MD
Jordan Simon, MD
Andrew M. Somberg, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Michael Robinson, MD


Shivani Purohit Mehta, MD

Sports Medicine

Richard Popowitz, MD

We’re #NEOSMproud to have you on our team! Call an office near you to make an appointment with one of our talented physicians.

New York magazine selections are based on the Castle Connolly annual “Top Doctors” guidebook. For over 25 years, Castle Connolly has been trusted source of merit-based, peer-reviewed rankings. For more information on their methodology, visit

Parents’ Guide to Injury

One of the hardest things as a parent is seeing your child hurt and feeling helpless. Accidents happen to the best of us, and as safe as you may be, at some point, they may get hurt. What do you do if/when that happens? Well, how you react and navigate through the process of treatment and healing can make all the difference for your child. Here’s our guide for the best approach to injury.

At Time of Injury

>Stay Calm

Your little one will look to you on how to react to the sudden pain and confusion brought on by their injury. It’s important to stay calm, reassure them you are prepared to help and have control of the situation.

>Assess the Injury

Ask these questions:

  • Is the area immediately swollen or bleeding excessively?
  • Has the child lost full range of motion without severe pain?
  • Is the hurt area appear deformed?
  • Is there numbness or tingling of the extremities?

If the answers are yes, seek immediate attention.

>Keep Them Comfortable

Should immediate attention be necessary, it’s important to limit movement of the injured area until evaluated by a medical professional. Not only will your child be more comfortable by limiting pain associated with movement, but you can avoid injuring them further. Depending on the injury, ice packs may be helpful to ease the pain.

At the Doctor’s Office

>Stay Positive

It’s natural for children to be nervous at the doctor’s office. Add in the pain they may be experiencing, they’re likely to be even more guarded. Make sure to validate their feelings, while assuring them that their visit is a good thing, as it’s the first step on the road to feeling better.

>Come Prepared

The more prepared you are for your visit, the less time your little one will be asked to be patient in our waiting room. At NEOSM, we provide all our patients the opportunity to complete pre-visit paperwork online at home before their visit, saving you time in our office. Be sure to bring all necessary paperwork (ie. referrals, insurance information) as well.

>Have Your Child Ask Questions

Giving your child, no matter the age, the opportunity to ask their provider questions about their injury and treatment will provide them more control of their situation. Also, it’ll give you, the parent, a glimpse into what their main worries may be, allowing you to address them specifically.  Discuss what questions they may want to ask beforehand so they don’t feel put  on the spot and are prepared.

After Your Visit

>Continue to Stay Positive

Your child may be disappointed with the necessary treatment for their injury. You may feel the same. It’s normal, of course. That’s why it’s even more important now to remain understanding and positive, as much as you can. It won’t take away their disappointment, but it may help pull them, and you, out of a negative outlook. Remind them how brave they are!

>Follow Doctor’s Orders

Kids need help to follow doctor’s orders, be it caring for their cast or being reminded of their restrictions. Adhering to the treatment plan and directions of care will ensure the recovery time is not unnecessarily extended by any complications.


Once treatment is complete, be sure to follow-up with your providers so they can make sure all has healed properly. Make sure your child is cleared for certain activities before they jump back into them. This will prevent re-injuring themselves.

We hope this guide helps you feel more prepared should you find your child hurt. And, as always, the specialists at NEOSM are available with same or next-day appointments see you through your child’s injury with the utmost compassion. Give us a call when you need us!

5 Superfoods for Bone & Joint Health

Growing up you’ve probably have heard that milk and dairy is best for strong bones. End of story. Is it really just that simple? Yes, calcium is a component to building healthy bones, but there are many more options besides a glass of the white stuff, and they come with additional benefits.

First, what makes a food ideal for your joints and bones? Look for a diet rich in Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin K and, of course, Calcium, plus other components to reduce inflammation of joint pain. Here are our top choices to add to your daily meals and the nutrients they provide.


A true superfood, kale is full of high levels of Vitamin K and Calcium, plus the added benefit of anti-oxidants.


Not only is salmon rich in Vitamin D, but also Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation and protein to support muscle building to protect bones.


Now readily available at supermarkets everywhere, edamame is the perfect snack to up your calcium, protein and anti-oxidant consumption.


Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries are rich in anti-oxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.


A great vegan option, firm, calcium-set tofu is loaded with protein, magnesium and calcium.

With these superfoods in your diet, plus regular exercise, you can help build healthy bones from the inside out!

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Breaking Ground On New Orthopedic Center of Excellence

Photo credit: Terrence Lynch

As part of our new partnership with Montefiore, Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (NEOSM) is excited to announce the development of a new Orthopedic Center of Excellence, a state-of-art facility that will transform orthopedic care in our region. The facility will include clinical offices, an ambulatory surgery center, advance imaging, and physical and occupation therapy services all under one roof designed with patients, physicians, providers and staff in mind. Aspect Health planned their design for Montefiore Orthopedics & Montefiore Nyack Hospital based on the extensive research by Gensler Research Institute in conjunction with NEOSM.

Photo credit: Terrence Lynch

As stated by Dr. Jason Fond, NEOSM Orthopedic Surgeon and Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Montefiore Nyack Hospital, at the recent groundbreaking, “This Center will allow NEOSM surgeons and practitioners to bring the best orthopedic care you can get right here to Rockland and beyond.” We’re excited for this next big step in continuing to advance the care we provide to our patients and to our community.

Learn more about the Center of Excellence in Aspect Health’s press release below.

Aspect Health, Montefiore Orthopedics, and Montefiore Nyack Hospital Break Ground on New Orthopedic Center of Excellence

Facility to Bring NYC Quality Care to Hudson Valley with a Research-Based Design to Improve Patient and Physician Healthcare Experience

WESTPORT, CT AND WEST NYACK, NY. (March 18, 2022) – Aspect Health, a real estate advisor, investor and developer who specializes in the emerging field of “healthcare hospitality,” today announces the groundbreaking of a newOrthopedic Center of Excellence. The development team designed the Center in collaboration with Montefiore Orthopedics, Montefiore Nyack Hospital, Gensler and Gensler Research Institute to bring an unrivaled standard of healthcare to the Hudson Valley region.

“We are proud to bring this new facility to the region and deliver the quality and standard of care that the community expects from the hospitals in New York City,” said Dr. Mark Geller, President and CEO Montefiore Nyack. “We listened to the community’s needs, and we answered – this new Center will transform the healthcare experience in the region.”

Aspect Health and Gensler planned and designed the new Center based on the two-year long Gensler Research Institute Gensler Outpatient Experience Index (OPExI) and a proprietary study in conjunction with Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (NEOSM) that sought to understand local hospital performance and care delivery needs. From pre‑visit expectations to post-visit sentiments, the patient journey and physician experience is interwoven with the building site, programming and design. The result is a new, innovative Musculoskeletal Center of Excellence with a holistic, best-in-class ambulatory surgery center, advanced imaging center, complete with physical and occupational therapy services.

“The momentum of collaboration between the surgeons of NEOSM, Montefiore Orthopedic Surgery, Montefiore Nyack Hospital, and Aspect Health enabled us to significantly cut the typical development timeline and set the foundation for a transformative development that is changing the future of healthcare delivery,” said Dr. Neil Cobelli, Professor and University Chairman, Montefiore Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.“ 

Aspect Health began planning with both Montefiore Orthopedics and Montefiore Nyack Hospital in 2019 to understand the future-focused strategy, need to optimize facilities and the priority to deliver a best-in-class healthcare experience for the patient and physician population in the region. Gensler’s OPExI helped inform a progressive planning approach, coupled with learnings from the pandemic, that incorporates new concepts including concierge services, touchless gateways, advanced air systems, digital integration of patient data, lounge area amenities, calming and inviting spaces, and onstage and offstage layout to provide caregivers the opportunity to not only expedite patient care but also collaborate, decompress, and reset. Additionally, the Center will include advanced robotic technology, orthopedic specialized high field open MRI, and the latest Digital Radiography (DR) and Advanced Fluoroscopy.

The new Center of Excellence is being built by KBE Building and is scheduled to open summer of 2023. It will be located at 3 Centerock Road in West Nyack, NY, about 3 miles west of the hospital’s main facility. Upon completion, NEOSM, which recently joined the Montefiore Orthopedics team, will move into the new facility and offer its patients a new standard of advanced musculoskeletal care.

“Between this groundbreaking OPExI data, the ever-changing healthcare landscape and learnings from the Pandemic, we are transforming healthcare to minimize caregiver burnout and many other stressors that hospitals experience,” said Chris Smith, CEO of Aspect Health. Instead, we are applying evidence-based research to inform development, design, location, interactions and services to place front and center equity of care, patient experience, and joy in work for our care providers.”

NEOSM Partners with Montefiore

Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is proud to announce our partnership with Montefiore Health System. We’re excited to provide the same level of exceptional care to our patients with the support of Montefiore. Read the press release below to learn more. For patient FAQs, click here.


NEW YORK (December 15, 2021) – Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, whose clinicians are renowned for providing personalized and compassionate orthopedic care to people across the Hudson Valley for over 30 years, has partnered with Montefiore Orthopedics, to enhance services and access to patients with complex care needs.

As of December 2021, Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (NEOSM) and Montefiore Orthopedics will together offer traditional orthopedic services, including joint replacement surgery, rheumatic care, pain management services and sports medicine, across the nine NEOSM offices, and subspecialists from Montefiore, including pediatric orthopedic surgeons and tumor specialists, will now also be part of the enhanced care teams.

“The doctors at Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine have proudly provided our patients with advanced, cutting-edge comprehensive musculoskeletal care throughout many specialty areas for over 30 years,” said Doron Ilan, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and President of NEOSM. “We are thrilled to combine our efforts with Montefiore in a partnership that builds upon NEOSM’s position as a leader in orthopedics and further enhances the level of care in our community.” 

NEOSM is the largest orthopedic practice in the lower Hudson Valley and Montefiore Orthopedics is nationally ranked as high performing by U.S. News & World Report in its Best Hospitals list. Combining their strengths, 20 NEOSM physicians are now part of Montefiore’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery and the expanded team of board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic specialists will be better equipped to serve a broad range of health needs in the community.

“Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has long been recognized as a leader in providing advanced musculoskeletal care to people in Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties,” said Neil J. Cobelli, MD, Professor and University Chairman, Montefiore Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “We are delighted to bolster the NEOSM team and together offer sophisticated, evidence-based therapies to patients across the region.”

For more information about the new partnership, please visit:

About Montefiore Health System

Montefiore Health System is one of New York’s premier academic health systems and is a recognized leader in providing exceptional quality and personalized, accountable care to approximately three million people in communities across the Bronx, Westchester and the Hudson Valley. It is comprised of 10 hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and more than 200 outpatient ambulatory care sites. The advanced clinical and translational research at its medical school, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, directly informs patient care and improves outcomes. From the Montefiore-Einstein Centers of Excellence in cancer, cardiology and vascular care, pediatrics, and transplantation, to its preeminent school-based health program, Montefiore is a fully integrated healthcare delivery system providing coordinated, comprehensive care to patients and their families. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter and view us on Facebook and YouTube.

About Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (NEOSM) is the largest orthopedic practice in the lower Hudson Valley, with 9 locations within Rockland, Orange & Westchester Counties and 20 physicians. The specialized team of physicians at NEOSM have been providing quality, advanced musculoskeletal and related care in a compassionate and caring manner for over 30 years. With specialists in general orthopedics, sports medicine, joint replacement, hand surgery, foot & ankle surgery, pain management, orthopedic trauma, joint replacement, spinal care and rheumatology, NEOSM utilizes a comprehensive approach to care while applying the latest advances in medicine and surgery. Learn more at

NEOSM/Montefiore Partnership FAQs

Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (NEOSM) is proud to announce that we are now part of the Montefiore Health System! Through this partnership, NEOSM will continue providing the highest level of care to our community with the support and resources of Montefiore. We are excited for this new affiliation and the opportunities for enhanced care it provides.

Naturally, questions arise as to the impact of this new relationship, but rest assured, most patient experiences will remain the same. We’ve addressed what we anticipate to be common questions below. We hope the following information is helpful, but should you have additional questions, feel free to call our office to speak with a staff member.

Will all NEOSM locations remain open?

Yes! All nine NEOSM locations are still open and accepting patients. Click here for a list of locations and contact information.

Will my provider still be at NEOSM?

Yes, they will. All 20 physicians, 2 Nurse Practitioners and 6 Physician Assistants are practicing from our offices. Click here to learn more about our highly-talented team.

I have surgery scheduled. Will it still take place at the same facility?

Yes. No changes have been made to where our surgeons perform their procedures. Follow your surgical instructions as provided.

I have an upcoming appointment. Do I need to call to reschedule?

Nope, not at all. All appointments will continue as normal.

Will you be accepting my insurance?

NEOSM accepts most forms of insurance. Speak with one of our offices to see if your plan is included.

Who will be billing me: NEOSM or Montefiore?

You will start to see patient invoices for NEOSM on Montefiore letterhead. Be sure to remit as indicated on the invoice.

Are you still called Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine?

For now, yes. Though a name change may be in our future.

Thank you for being a valued patient and for your continued support. We’re thrilled to continue to be your orthopedic practice of choice!