Diagnostic Testing


Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (NEOSM) features the latest in diagnostic testing capabilities.

Our experienced physicians utilize various testing methods and equipment to provide an effective diagnosis, allowing for the creation of a customized treatment plan to fit the individualized needs of you and your family.

Through comprehensive testing, our dedicated and specialized orthopedic physicians are able to accurately diagnose musculoskeletal conditions stemming from injury or illness.

Quality Diagnostics

Our practice conducts the following diagnostic procedures for your convenience, including:

  • Digital ultrasound: We utilize digital ultrasound for joint and soft tissue injections to accurately place medications and to diagnose certain conditions
  • Digital x-ray: Digital X-ray imaging uses sensors in place of traditional photographic film to create a crisper image and instant image viewing for a faster, more accurate diagnosis
  • Electromyography (EMG): An EMG is a diagnostic procedure that involves tiny devices called electrodes to evaluate the electrical signals between muscles and motor neurons (the nerve cells that control them). An EMG translates these signals into graphs, sounds or numerical values that a specialist will interpret to assess the health and function of the muscle-to-nerve connection
  • Nerve conduction study (NCS): An NCS tests the speed and degree of electrical activity in your nerves to determine if a nerve is functioning properly

Our highly trained and vastly experienced physicians share a common goal: to relieve pain and restore function as soon as possible through effective on-site diagnostics, treatment and continued care.

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