How to Prepare for Your Orthopedic Visit

Whether you are scheduled for a consultation or in need of immediate medical care, the providers at Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are committed to making sure you leave our office knowledgeable and comfortable with your treatment. With a little preparation from patients, we can ensure all visits are effective in this way. Here is our recommended plan for you to get the most from your orthopedic appointment:

What to Bring

  • Before your visit, be sure to gather all information and documents that may be pertinent to your case. Remember your insurance card or any necessary referrals.  
  • If you have x-rays/imaging, lab tests or medical records from other doctors relating to your issue, bring them with you to your appointment.
  • Make a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking.
  • Have your medical history handy, including dates of any prior surgeries, medical conditions or allergies.
  • Are there specific questions on your mind? It’s best to jot them down and bring them to your office visit to ensure they are answered.

Appointment Day

  • Your provider will need to examine the area where you require care, so consider this when dressing for your appointment. You may want to wear clothes that are comfortable to remove if needed.
  • We ask that you try to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, so our front desk can ensure all your paperwork is in order and you are properly checked-in.
  • When you meet with your provider please be honest and forthcoming, even if you may feel some details are unimportant or as though they may embarrass you. It’s vital for our care team to have all information related to your case in order to provide appropriate treatment plans.
  • Don’t forget to ask the questions you brought with you and any that may come up during your appointment. Our providers want you to feel comfortable with your course of care, so please ask away!
  • We encourage you to take notes during your visit. A lot of details may be discussed, so you don’t want to rely on memory alone. Be sure to include information like: pre/post-surgery instructions; bandage or cast care do’s & don’ts; and what new symptoms may require an immediate call to your doctor.

We hope by reading through these tips, you will feel prepared and comfortable for your appointment. Remember, the providers and staff at NEOSM are always here to answer questions. Just give us a call.