Muscle Cramps: Causes and Treatment

Sudden spasms in a muscle can take you off-guard and put you in sudden pain. They come upon instantly and unexpectedly. They may last between a few seconds or a few minutes. There’s a few reasons why a muscle cramp may creep up on you:


Strenuous activities or exercise can put a physical strain on your muscles.


When your body loses/uses more fluid than it takes in, buildup of toxins make muscles prone to spams.

Low Electrolyte Levels

Electrolytes like calcium and potassium are key to regulating muscle activity


Changes in circulation and pressure on nerves increases the risk of muscle cramps for pregnant women.

What can you do at the onset of a muscle spasm? First, stop the activity that triggered the cramp and gently stretch the muscle while massaging the cramp. When muscles begin to tense, apply heat for relief. Be sure to hydrate and intake electrolytes-rich food or beverages like bananas or low-sugar sports drinks. To prevent cramps, always warm up before physical activity and stay hydrated.

When should you see a doctor? Though majority of cases are harmless, if muscle spasms become frequent and more severe, there may be an underlying issue. Contact our office to make an appointment with our specialists.

Source: OrthoInfo